High Flexible Cable

which is a special cable used for power chain system. Resistance to abrasion, weathering, acid-base and bending. Prevent cable breakdown and extend running life of machine.

Neutrally Buoyant Cable

Used for ROV and pool robotic cleaner. Smaller water drag, More smoothly ROV runs

Pipe Inspection Cable

Both flexibility and stiffness enable pipe crawler and camera complete inspection task.


Derulkable (Shanghai) Co., LTD is a high and new technology enterprise, the company is based on overseas advanced technology,mature process, and great team composed by domestic experts of cable industry, committed to special cables design, production and sales, Derulkable is mainly used in power plant, port, mine, metallurgy, ship and industrial equipments, etc.

We use the unique structure of the cable and cable material design, make cable have a longer life, good weathering resistance, bending resistance, abrasion resistance, and high temperature and low temperature performance.



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