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It is reported that the newly promulgated "rated voltage 1.8 kV / 3 kV and below wind power with anti-twist flexible cable technical specifications" to wind power cable use of environmental conditions and domestic and foreign enterprises to use the technical requirements of the fan, with reference to domestic Outside the relevant standards and norms, focusing on the provisions of the insulation and sheathing materials and its performance requirements, voltage levels, the use of the environment. Flat cable manufacturing experts - De soft cable, professional design and production of flexible flat cable, flexible flexible cable, flat towline cable, rubber flat cable, rubber flat flexible cable, mobile flat rubber cable, flame retardant flat cable, Flattened cable, share your knowledge of flat cable with you as follows.
  Flat cable, also known as flat wire, flat cable, flat cable for special places of electroplating equipment, lifting equipment, cable track, trolley, transmission machinery, elevators, traffic, tower crane, telescopic machinery and other mobile electrical power transmission lines and control, Lighting, communication signaling, can also be used for closed indoor environment, such as mobile mechanical parts connected to the installation. Relative to the round cable, the flat cable to save installation space and cost advantages, and in the case of the same number of core lines, the bending radius smaller than the circular cable.
  Flat cable structure
  Multi-strand twist or fine twisted into a thin copper wire conductor; anti-oil acid alkali PVC insulation material sheath; parallel parallel arrangement of the core; cable structure is soft, with two-color protection, core digital number distinction, Laying the installation to provide convenience.
  Structural characteristics of flat cable
  1. Flat cable conductive wire core with a soft structure to ensure that the flat cable soft performance.
  2. Insulation and protective layer of materials using butyl particles, to improve the flat cable soft characteristics and corrosion, cold characteristics.
  3. Insulation wire color separation, for flat cable laying installation to provide convenience.
  4. According to customer needs, in the flat cable on both sides to increase the wire rope or other bearing components.
  5. Coaxial cable can also be made into communication with elevator flat cable
  Flexible flat cable product features and performance
  Flexible flat cable is a kind of insulating material wrapped with multi-strand copper stranded conductor, through the high-tech automation equipment production line through the jacket material made of flat type cable, with a soft, free bending folding, the relative thickness of thin, small size , Simple connection, easy to disassemble, and so on. You can choose the number and spacing of wires, so that the line more convenient, greatly reduce the product size, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, suitable for electrical equipment for data transmission cable or power transmission purposes. Ordinary specifications are 0.5mm2 ~ 185mm2 and other flexible cable spacing. Maosheng cable can be customized user needs specifications.
  Flexible flat cable applications
  The flexible flat cable is suitable for connection and control in industrial environments and is resistant to climate change. It is ideal for lifting and conveying equipment requiring flat installation for mobile installation and fixed installation. Cable appearance flat type, saving installation space.


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