2x2x26awg neutral buoyant ROV tether


Derul Cable is able to design and manufacture Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) tethers. Power & signals are integrated into a cable structure, so ROV tethers can be used to transmit both electricity and signal. ROV tethers normally resort coaxial and twisted pairs to achieve signal transmission. The cable which connects the underwater vehicle with the controller significantly affects its performance, so it must ensure stable signal transmission. The neutrally buoyancy helps vehicle run smooth with less water resistance and loading.

Product details

 Specification  2x2x26awg
 Conductor  Stranded bare copper
 Insulation  PE
 Filling  Waterblock material
 Jacket  Foamed PUR+TPU
 OD  5.7±0.3mm
 Color  Yellow
 Operating voltage  300/300V
 Working depth  0-300m
 Breaking strength  150kg
This cable is consisit of two twisted pairs of signal wires. The whole cable were filled with waterbloack material so it's waterproof. Outer jacket is made of two layers so it can be well protected and can be easy cleaned. 

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