ROV umbilical twisted pair tether

Derul Cable is able to design and manufacture Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) tethers. Power & signals are integrated into a cable structure, so ROV tethers can be used to transmit both electricity and signal. ROV tethers normally resort to coaxial and twisted pairs to achieve signal transmission. The cable which connects the underwater vehicle with the controller significantly affects its performance, so it must ensure stable signal transmission. The neutrally buoyancy helps vehicle run smooth with less water resistance and loading.


Conductor: Fine stranded bare/tinned copper
Wire gauge: 28AWG to 4AWG
Insulation: PE (polyethylene)
Core color: TBD acc. to DIN 47100 standard. 
Strength member: Kevlar fiber & waterblocking compound
Outer sheath: PUR (polyurethane) foam
Sheath color: Yellow

Technical data

Rated voltage: 300/500V
Testing volatge: 1200
Temperature range: -30℃ till +90℃
Operating temperature: 
-30℃ till +90℃
Bending radius: Fixed installation 5xOD, In motion  7xOD


Above information is norminal and it can be adjusted as per your requirements.


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