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Standard materials used in tethered drone cables pose ongoing challenges for both military and commercial industries.
Traditional durable materials are bulky and heavy often weighing drones down, while lighter weight materials absorb moisture and lack adequate protection to withstand harsh environments. As a result, standard cables limit the altitude that drones can operate, affecting the line of sight or coverage. These challenges can significantly limit opportunities for more payload options and decrease the capability of tethered drones.
This Tethered Drone Cables strike a balance with unique materials in a hybrid solution that yields exceptional benefits. These game-changing cables offer a rugged, small-scale design with high performance that maximizes Tether Management System (TMS) availability, provides increased design options and payload, and enables greater drone operational capability. This innovative cable technology considerably reduces size and weight without sacrificing mechanical durability or electrical performance . Tethered Drone Cables are 20 percent smaller in size than standard cables constructed with nylon, which also makes them inherently lighter in weight. Therefore, they take up less space inside the TMS, which means more design options and extra payload during operation. These cables also provide greater weight stability in harsh fluids that further increases design options/payload and operating height.
Product details
Specification 2x24awg
Conductor Tinned copper/sliver plated copper/copper alloy
Insulation PTFE/FEP
Wrapping Waterproof polyester
Jacket Braided high strength fiber
Breaking strength 80-100kg or as per your request
Fiber NO
Rated voltage 600V
OD. 2.7mm
Weight 8.39g/m


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