Cable for UV pipe relining CIPP UV curing cable


This curing cable is suitable for UV curing systems and can be mounted on the UV curing drums with a length of 130m-300m. The curing cable is designed with a total of 44 wires plus a coax cable for high mechanical loads and a long life. It is well protected by a Vectran braid and a PUR coat with a special TPU mixture, so that even in case of a damage to the outer shell, max. 1% moisture will be absorbed.

Product details:

(5 x 2 x 0.25 mm²) C + 10 x 0.6 mm² + 24 x 1.5 mm² + coax

 Stranded bare copper / tinned copper


 75 ohm 

 Strength member
 Kevlar braided


 Outer diameter



Heat, cold, wear-resisting to ozone ultraviolet light 
Higher the mechanical strength, waterproof, oil resistant

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