Flexiable low voltage travlling cable

Flexiable low voltage and poewr cable,for use on festoon systems and for connecting movable parts of machine tools,material handing equipment,etc.Suitable for application under high mechanical stresses and frequent bending during operation.  The external jacket of PUR allows the cable to resist ozone,ultraviolet radiation ,oil, acid and other solvents. This cable can be used for dry or humid rooms and outdoor. 


Conductor:                                                      Fine stranded bare/tinned copper
Insulation:                                                       PE (polyethylene)
Core color:                                                      TBD acc. to DIN 47100 standard. 
Outer sheath:                                                  PUR (polyurethane)
Sheath color:                                                   Grey(RAL 7001), Black(RAL 9005) or Orange(RAL 2003)

Technical data

Rated voltage:                                                   0.6/1KV(600/1000V)
Max.permissble operating voltage AC:                  0.7/1.2KV

Max.permissble operating voltage DC:                  0.9/1.8KV
AC Test Voltage:                                                3.5KV(5 Min.)
Temperature range:                                           -40℃ till +80℃
Operating temperature:                                      
-40℃ till +80℃
Max. tensile load on the conductor:                      15N/mm2
Min.bending radius:                                            Acc.to VDE 0298 part 3

Additional information

*all specifications can be offered,welcome to consult.


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