Elevator flat traveling cable

product manual:
8 cores elevator travelling flat cable

Product Features:
Elevator flexible cable with reinforced steel core structure, to solve the quartz fiber in the elevator movement process easy to stretch and easy to break the technical problems, and commitment to the normal use of the environment 1.5 million times the bending life. The cable products can be suspended in the engine room, between the hoistway and the car, so as to achieve the elevator and the control room between the high-bandwidth audio, video and other digital content of real-time transmission, built a lift car 100 megahertz high-speed sports network, Is the elevator multimedia, dynamic liquid crystal display of excellent technical solutions.
Our product features include:
A. transmission bandwidth up to 155M, truly meet the real-time transmission of video and audio without delay without
Stagnant demand
B. signal no attenuation transmission distance of 2 km, to achieve high-rise and high-rise building elevator
High-definition quality communication
C. The product successfully passed the 300,000 bending test and the 3000N tensile test
Working life in the working environment up to 1.5 million bending (dynamic bending radius
More than 400mm) - (click on the test name to see the test process animation)
D. Strengthen the steel core and PVC jacket design to ensure that the cable in the actual long-term transport
Safe and durable in the environment
E. Flat structure design, more suitable for elevator shaft operating environment
Dimensions (width × thickness): 28 × 5.2mm
Product weight: 320 kg / km
Voltage rating: 300 / 500V
Use temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Sheath material: cold lead-free PVC elastic material

*We can according to customer needs, programs or samples, custom all kinds of special cables,any cable request,please feel free to contact us.


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