Multicore flat reeling drum cable


Suitable for indoor control and power cables for cranes and conveyor systems. Compared to rounded cables, the tightly laid core can achieve a smaller bend radius. The outer jacket of the cable allows it to be used at low temperatures. The cable is also suitable for installation in elevators and cranes as long as the suspension length does not exceed 35 m and the operating speed does not exceed 1,6 m / s. The outer sheath is extremely resistant to oil, acid and alkali. The cable with a special structural design, can be used as power and control cables installed in the track, cranes, logistics and other occasions.

Cable features:
the use of new oil-resistant special jacket, can be -15 degrees low temperature is still soft, flame retardant.

Cable structure:
Conductor: multi-stranded stainless steel wire, in line with VDE0295 standards
Insulation: special oil, flame retardant, mixed insulation
Sheath: oil, fire retardant, flexible special sheathing material, can be applied to outdoor occasions

Such as the use of cranes as follows:
Lifting cables are arranged in a font
1, free to use the length of more than 35 meters
2, the running speed is greater than 1.6m / s
Should be considered in the cable to increase the bearing components, bearing components are generally galvanized steel wire rope or fiber rope, such as aramid yarn

The lifting cable is arranged in a plum-shaped strand
1, free suspension length greater than 80 meters
2, the running speed of 4m / s ~ 10m / S
Should be considered in the cable to increase bearing capacity components, bearing components are generally galvanized steel wire rope.

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