Lawn Mower Robot Cable Laying Boundary Wire


A boundary wire is typically a 14-gauge boundary wire or 20-gauge boundary wire, the single-strand wire buried underground. The wire is used to make an unnoticeable barrier around your home. The electrical system of your home is linked to the boundary wire. An electric current runs through the wire when the system is switched on.

The current flowing through the wire acts as a deterrent for burglars and trespassers. The current also keeps pets and animals from straying into your property. Boundary wall wire is also known as a fence wire, mower wire, or garden wire.

Before commissioning, laying the cable is critical. With mower boundary wire, you can be assured your mower will stay within the desired boundaries.

Cable Construction:

 Stranded tinned copper


 Tinned copper braided mesh
  2.45mm, mm, 3.4mm, 3.8mm


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