H07RN-F Rubber cable

VDE rubber wire, rubber sheathed cable wire, rubber wire, outdoor rubber wire, etc. It is highly flexible and resistant to weather, oil/grease, mechanical and thermal stress.
Applications include processing equipment, power banks, construction sites, stage and audiovisual equipment, port areas and dams. It is also suitable for gypsum fixtures, temporary buildings and residences, drainage and sewage treatment in military camps, cold environments and harsh industrial environments.
product features:
1. Maximum working temperature: 90℃;
2. Minimum ambient temperature: fixed laying -40 ℃;
3. Rated voltage: 450/750V;
4. Conductor material: pure copper
5. Insulation material: EPDM
6. Sheath material: chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CPE)
7. Standard core wire color: brown/blue/yellow-green
8. The scope of product use: various LED indoor and outdoor lighting (buried lights, diving lights, lawn lights, stage lights, wall washers, swimming pool lights, spotlights, mosquito lamps, waterproof power supplies, etc.) and various household appliances : In pressure cooker, light wave oven, electric frying pan, electric iron, microwave oven, oven, submersible pump, toaster and all kinds of electric tools.
9. The main features of the product: sunscreen, waterproof, oil-proof, temperature-resistant, cold-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-aging, flame retardant.


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