Low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable LSZH cable

Low-smoke halogen-free wire refers to the halogen substance of the insulating layer material of the wire. In the case of combustion, no halogen-containing gas is released, and the smoke concentration is low.
Low smoke: when burning, there is only light water mist, and the visual distance is more than 60 meters
Non-toxic: does not contain any toxic substances
Flame retardant: The wire achieves flame retardant effect through the irradiation cross-linking process
Long life: anti-aging, lifespan can reach more than 100 years
High temperature resistance: the maximum working temperature can reach 150 degrees
Environmental standards: in line with EU and Japanese environmental standards
It is suitable for places with rated voltage of 450/750V and below, with halogen-free, low smoke, flame retardant requirements and high safety and environmental protection requirements.
Such as high-rise buildings, stations, subways, airports, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, villas, family houses, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and other densely populated places.


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