Torsion resistant wind power cables

In addition to meeting the performance of ordinary cables, special cables for wind turbines (wind power cables) must also meet the basic requirements of small bending radius and frequent torsion. Because wind power cables are mostly used in areas with harsh climate conditions, they are generally used in my country. In the northern region, the climate is cold and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so the wind power cable must also meet the operating conditions of the ambient temperature of -45°C to +50°C and the operating temperature of -40°C to +50°C.
Since the beginning of 2005, our company has been committed to the research of the special cable technology for wind turbines. Referring to the German DIN VDE standard, we have optimized the structure of the special cable for wind turbines, and selected high-quality insulation and sheathing materials. The performance advantages of the cable obvious. Special cables for wind turbines are divided into power cables and control cables. The advantages of cables are as follows:
1. It has good low temperature resistance and wear resistance, as well as fatigue resistance, weathering resistance, microbial resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance to oils and chemicals. Ordinary cables do not have abrasion and corrosion resistance.
2. Excellent torsion resistance and bending performance: the finished cable can withstand the torsion resistance test of forward and reverse four turns for one time, the torsion angle is 360°, and the number of times is not less than 3000 times under the low temperature environment of -40 °C. It is required that the conductor does not break and the sheath surface does not crack after the cable test is completed. But ordinary cables are not suitable for twisting at low temperatures.
3. The applicable ambient temperature is -45°C to +110°C, and the operating temperature is -40°C to +110°C. The ordinary cable operating temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.



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