Servo Encoder Cable Data Transmission Cable

Servo cable, as an environmentally friendly special cable for servo system, plays a vital role. A good servo cable can bring great work efficiency to the servo system. In recent years, servo cables have been widely used in the control and execution systems of servo motors, giving full play to its characteristics and advantages. It is also widely used in complete equipment installation engineering, automobile manufacturing, numerical control equipment, air conditioning systems, etc.
The advantages of servo cables are high mechanical strength, wear resistance, high flexibility, anti-aging, anti-cracking, anti-mold, moisture resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. With the wide application of modern automation equipment in our country, servo cables are also constantly improving with the needs of the market. For example, the servo cables on the market are divided into round and flat. Applications such as robots and numerical control equipment are mainly circular. However, like some large lifting equipment, servo cables are also used now. Most of the servo cables used in lifting equipment are mainly flat, and the service life of servo cables is now more than 3 times longer than before.
The bending radius of the servo cable is 6-8 times the outer diameter of the cable itself. It is much smaller than the bending of ordinary wires and cables.
Servo cable outer sheath is divided into PVC, NBR, PUR material. Now we usually use PVC as the main material. The price of this material is relatively cheap. The servo cable produced can meet the requirements of general equipment. If it is like a higher-end machine or a fast moving one, you can use a PUR sheath. Although the cost of PUR sheath is higher, its performance is 2-2.5 times stronger than that of PVC and NBR. When selecting the servo cable, it can be customized according to the needs of different products, so as to achieve the best effect of the servo cable.
Users can choose and use the servo cable according to the content provided above.

Bare copper, extra fine wire,Tinned copper conductor
Galvanized steel rope
Multi-strands spiral braiding made of tinned copper Wires
Technical Data
Nominal Voltage: 
300/300, 300/500V
Test Voltage: 
Max travel speed:
2 m/s
Minimum bend radius:
10 x Diameter
Temperature : 

Temperature range: 

Core Identification
 ≤0.3mm² adapted to DIN20940
>0.3mm² black with numerals plus green-yellow ground wire
Sheath Color: 
black or gray or on request
Abrasion resistance
Oil resistance
Flame retardant


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